Ah, the lucious wang.

This whole shovel thing is a bit odd. Back at Checkerboard Nightmare, Chex was holding a shovel when he wanted to kill a former version of himself. So when I wanted to do a Chex cameo in my strip, I had him use a shovel on Moriarty (using the "WANG" sfx). Kristof, the CxN cartoonist, picked up on the shovel usage, and killed Death with it, using the "WANG" again. Sort of a wink right back at me. So a few weeks later, Chex goes on a killing spree with the shovel. "WANG" and "CHUNG". And after that's over, Dex uses the shovel to deal with D.E.X.

So I think it's a bit odd. Through a set of cameos and references to other comic strips, I've collaborated with another cartoonist without actually collaborating with him.

I don't know how Kristof feels, but I'm now considering the Chex cameo to be an actual in-continuity thing in the CxN universe.



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So for the longest time, the website has been broken and it's always been at the back of my mind to fix it one day and lo! behold! the magic fix just took about twenty minutes to hunt down and correct. So, sorry about that.

Have fun flipping through the comic strip and marvelling at how rough my artwork was so very very long ago.